Our Value Proposition


Our core consulting team is comprised of seasoned human capital consultants stemming from some of the world’s leading management consulting firms. Each individual member of the team is an expert in a specific technical domain, and the entire team possesses substantial international experience in designing, leading, and delivering on complex consulting projects.


    We are a Middle East consulting firm founded, managed, and largely comprised of Middle Eastern professionals. We are born in the region, for the region.We understand the Middle East region’s unique cultural dimensions and people issues after working for many years across the Middle East and with a multitude of regional organizations. We employ this understanding in how we engage with our clients, their organizations, and their people, through our common cultural heritage and shared relational approach.


      We are physically present in the markets we serve. While our core talent pool is strategically based in Lebanon and Oman.This local presence enables us to remain close to our clients, developing and nurturing our professional relationship with them from a near distance, and optimizing our response rate to their organizational needs.

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