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An advanced method of assessing a participant's potential and different capabilities is psychometric profiling. Art has evolved following the trials of the era. As employers became more aware of the accuracy and effectiveness of psychometric profiling, they began using it for building teams as well as exploring employee potential.

    Psychometric profiling in various organizations:

    Our online psychometric testing services are made to assist you in selecting the top candidate from a large number of applicants. We provide the full range of psychometric profiling services tests of ability, questionnaires of personality traits, and other inventories. We enable you to gain a deeper insight into a candidate's skills and abilities and reduce your recruitment costs by making better hiring decisions.

      Getting to know the different types of psychometric profiling services company

      Our experienced staff help clients choose the right psychometric tests based on their needs. Furthermore, we provide expert guidance on how to interpret the test results in order to make better recruitment decisions. If you are looking for a psychometric testing company in Saudi & MENA region, it's our pleasure to help. Phoenix offers psychometric tests, assessment tools, and profiling services. Our psychometric testing company offers recruitment and selection, psychometric testing for the selection of candidates, and efficient, fast turnaround services.

        Our Profiling Services

        Our psychometrics profiling services rely on psychological measurement concepts and techniques. Psychometrics can't exist without tests, which are the primary instruments for assessing the mind. The assessment process becomes more objective by assessing a candidate's abilities, attitude, competencies, intelligence, and personality through psychometric profiling services in MENA. The reason it's so useful is that it predicts behavior and provides information on how someone will act.

          Our Psychometric test is based on these three Instruments:

            Ability Tests:

            It focuses on assessing the personality type of the subject. The purpose of personality tests is to make sure the candidate can do the job and fits in with the company's culture. By evaluating candidates' personalities and moralistic patterns, they can improve their hiring quality. In addition to providing employers with a well-rounded understanding of a candidate's ability to perform work-related tasks like teamwork, stakeholder management, adhering to rules and regulations, and leading and managing stress, personality tests also provide employers with insights into their leadership capabilities.

              Personality Aptitude:

              A standardized test of this kind is known to be particularly effective in measuring a person's aptitude for taking up a specific position within a specific field or profession. During the test, the subject is evaluated on their knowledge, competencies, and abilities. The skills that are measured include abstract reasoning, mechanical reasoning, speed and precision, verbal reasoning, spatial relations, deduction, and induction, comprehension of written texts, and problem-solving.

                Progress Tests:

                After training, employees take this test to find out how they did. Using this test, organizations can identify employees' skill gaps and learning ability. Multiple types of research show psychometric assessment tools are reliable for finding the right candidates. Despite this, only trained professionals should be able to administer these tests.

                  Our Profiling Solutions:

                    Competency profiling solution:

                    Phoenix offers solutions that are completely flexible and designed to meet your organization’s exact needs. Each organisation has a distinct culture and set of values, a complex history, and a unique approach to doing business. With our employee competency profiling solution, your organisation can get a vivid look at the capabilities and conduct tendencies of employees.

                      Development profiling solution:

                      Phoenix scientifically develops psychometric tests and provides consulting for the same. The tests created are highly applicable and follow a systematic procedure. A psychometric profile is used in recruitment screening, organization design, team development, and individual development.

                        Role profiling solutions:

                        Psychometric tests are more common than ever now, from small business consultants to larger senior management executives, and hardly anyone seeking a management role can avoid taking a psychometric analysis test. The purpose of these tests is to make recruitment and selection easier for HR personnel. Psychometric instruments enable organizations to perform a holistic evaluation of candidates’ personalities and competencies to identify the best person for the role. With our years of expertise in psychometric profiling, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your team. Let us help you with your psychometric service needs today.

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